Do you struggle with loneliness, low self-esteem, addictions like Gambling, angry outbursts, repeating negative patterns from the past? Well, there is hope for you here at Icthoye!

My goal is to provide a genuinely caring environment to help patients deal with the complex issues you face each day. I explore each issue combining best practices of psychotherapy with a view to integrating faith and the direction that God can provide.

That’s why my practice is named “Icthoye”.

Icthoye is a Greek word that means: God in Jesus Christ Eternal Son. It characterizes the hope and healing that Christ brings to help us turn our life around and change direction. (Do you have to be Christian in order to see me in therapy? No, I will see anyone who wants to work on changing their life!) Regardless of the issue you struggle with, whether marital conflict, depression/mood disorder, sexual brokenness, or addictions, there is hope for your life!

Please take a look at this video and know that there is hope…